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We see Abundant Faith Cathedral Worship Center World Headquarters as a dynamic, spirit-filled multi-cultural church numbers in the thousands rich with God’s favor resources, finances, schools, businesses transportation on land and air impacting our city, our nation, and the world through leadership development and church planting.









With upright heart he shepherded them
and guided them with his skillful hand. 

PSALMS 78:72

At the age of 13, I heard the Lord say, “That’s You” while I was standing as a usher in church. At the time I didn’t understand what the lord was trying to tell me. At the age of 33, I felt the call of God to come back and make a total commitment to the church; I made a commitment and got baptized in Jesus Name march 13 1983 and fill with the holy spirit three days later.

Five years later, I felt a call to ministry-1988. At Bethlehem Temple Pentecostal Church, I got my training under Pastor and later Dist. Elder John R. Hemingway. He was a man who taught me Holiness under the direction of the Holy word of God;
August 4, 1999, my wife and I became ordained ministers of God during the International PAW convention in Detroit. We were ordained under Bishop Norman Wagner on the same day that newly appointed Pastor Charles Ellis was ordained as a Bishop. That same year we with the permission of our pastor Dr Samuel Hemingway started home ministry, on Sunday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. After a year, the Bible classes had outgrown the dinning room table and living room so we transferred to the porch, it became known as the “porch church”. God let me know it was time to pioneer, to start a work for him. Asking God where I was going to put the people, he sent a friend by, a deacon Eddie Garner from True Rock Missionary Baptist Church. He told me about his new church that they had just purchased and that their old church was sitting vacant. Ironically I had spoken at his old church on his Men’s Day programs. Wanting to make sure that it was God leading me, I asked for a sign, a miracle about that church, the one located at 412 Piquette. I asked by faith, Lord if you want me at 412 Piquette; if this is where you are putting me have them to give me this building.

Hearing that I was starting a work, Pastor Darryl Redmond, the pastor of True Rock MB Church, the same one who had trained me in being a Sheriff Chaplain, was moved in his heart to have his trustees to work with me. A decision was made after a couple of weeks, that they decided to give me the building, but asked me to pay for the parking lot, since they recently had it paved and had an owed a loan on it. Still wanting to make sure it was God; I went back to them with my terms. One hundred dollars per month, and no interest on the monies was my offer to them. It was agreed upon to put $2,000 down leaving a balance of 8,000 dollars to be paid accordingly. I still wanted to make sure it was God. I went back a third time, and said Lord, put the down payment in my account. A week later, a check came from nowhere, for the amount of $1,000.

A week after that another check came for $1,000. Now I was sure it was God. But, after all of that I went back and asked God, whey didn’t you give me everything (the building and the parking lot)? He said you got what you asked for, that was the building. I was told to get insurance on the building, and after we signed all the papers, I called the insurance company and they insured the building for $340,000 Look at God.


Before we had the first service, while working in the building, God showed us he was present in the building. Pastor Dr. Samuel Hemingway allowed us to baptize those from the porch church even before we had been released to start our own ministry. God told me to bring one of the candidates we had recently baptized, from the porch church down to Piquette. Natasha, who was studying to be a doctor, she tarried in the church-no lights, no gas, and no water. My wife worked with her and she was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke for ½ hour. From that point on, the vision has been enlarged. We began our first service in the building on the first Sunday in March 2000, with just my wife and myself. She did anounsements collected the offering and was my greastest supporter. Our first bible class was with me and the pews (angels) and I taught like the church was full.

We have joined World Assemblies of Restoration, Bishop James Nelson, the prelate. We plan to have Abundant Faith Cathedral assemblies pastured by others put around the world ; After 10 years at Piquette, 2009 God blessed us to obtain an 850 seat 30,000 sq ft assembly at 14710 Kerchaval also a 2 acre camp ground with a large building and a church building with half Acer of land in Southfield Mich we plan to plant a church soon in the south.

Our work is expanding across the ocean too. We support work in the foreign fields of Africa and other countries and we have plans to build an Abundant Faith Christian Conference Center with hotel and medical building in Ghana West Africa. We have helped to build churches and now building a large church in the city of woe Ghana for the saints there because they didn’t have the funds to do it, also are helping to build and support a school in Libra Africa.

The Lord has blessed our ministry with many healing’s and miracles in the congregation. We are a church that is community orientated. We serve dinners free of charge every Sunday afternoon and give away 100 large turkeys with dinners free for every Thanksgiving for the communities. Look at God. We are Gods family. Now we are looking to enlarge the vision God has been made plain about Abundant Faith Cathedral.

AFC Broadcasts every Sunday 10:30 am BGNTV20 | Comcast Detroit and Vorice Wallace TV Broadcast every Sunday 10:00 am BGNTV90 | Comcast Western Wayne

First Lady Vorice Wallace


First Lady of Abundant Faith Cathedral where Bishop Elect Joel T. Wallace is the pastor. Started ministry in 1999 at the church located on Piquette and now have services at the church located on Kercheval.

Vorice is an ordained Evangelist, being ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in 1998 along with her husband. She is a Sunday School – Christian Education leader as well as the First Lady. Vorice has traveled abroad to Ghana West Africa, speaking in the Women’s Ministries for the World Assemblies Restoration- W.A.R.

In her secular life, Vorice is a Registered Nurse of more than 30 years; working in Emergency Room and Intensive care. She is presently working as an Occupational Health Nurse in an automotive firm. She enjoys learning and has obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Administration as well as her degrees in Nursing

PastorWallace SIGNATURE.png


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The commitment of the staff and leadership at ABUNDANT FAITH CATHEDRAL is at the heart of what makes us a living, thriving church. They are dedicated to serving the community and strengthening the impact of our church on people’s lives.

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